John Lenehan



As Research and Development Lead, John collaborates with various teams across the college and with external partners to manage projects that solve problems that arise within an online educational context. The diversity of projects requires him to maintain a wide skillset in web development, services and project management.

As Research and Development Lead John is currently developing and forging new directions for the college's next generation digital learning architecture through new research initiatives.

John is acutely interested in areas where design and science overlap, blending a creative and analytical mindset. Anyone who has spoken with him knows he is fluent in both languages. Prior to joining Hibernia College, John lectured in 3D Design and Informatics at the University of Ulster. Later as a multimedia development and eLearning consultant.

At Hibernia College, the field of blended higher education suits John well. He shared, "I am inspired when I get to work on projects that make real change in our community."

If John isn't hard at work, he'll likely be found on his bike, pedaling with the refreshing Atlantic breeze in West of Ireland.