Luke Leber



My name is Luke Leber.

I am a strong proponent of open source, web accessibility, and security. I believe that elegance can be achieved through simplicity, that a unified strategy forms the most durable foundation for any project, and that open collaboration serves as the most effective way to harden applications.

I am currently employed by the Pennsylvania State University as a Programmer/Analyst Level III. Most notably, I am part of the team that manages the Penn State World Campus​ family of websites. Although I primarily focus on Drupal, I do occasionally help out with Wordpress and other types of smaller web properties. That being said, my depth of knowledge into the internal workings of Wordpress is a couple years old.

I routinely work with the full stack including:

  • Cloud infrastructure maintenance
  • Dev-ops and performance automation
  • Backend development
  • Frontend development
  • Site building
  • Automated testing