Call for proposals

Our call for proposals has closed. Thank you to all who submitted. We will follow up with everyone by mid-June

WPCampus 2021 Online is looking for stories, how-tos, hypotheticals, demos, case studies and more for our annual in-person conference focused on WordPress in higher education.

As in past years, we're looking for various topics on anything that brings value to our community. WordPress, higher education, and accessibility are key themes, but we want people to share their own experiences in various arenas: accessibility, design, development, strategy, management, usability, governance, etc. Anything you've found valuable in contributing to higher education communities and/or the web.

We'd love to hear how you managed during COVID. What struggles did you face? How did you solve them? Maybe you're still working on the solution. Did the boundaries drawn by COVID steer you and your team towards creative solutions? We want to hear all about it! We love case studies.


Our call for proposals ends Wednesday, May 26, 2021 has been extended until Monday, May 31. We will follow up with all who submitted proposals by mid-June.


Looking for topic advice? Want feedback on your session description? We are happy to provide help and answer any questions you might have before and after you submit your application.

Send an email to proposalhelp[at] to get started. Your message will be anonymized and shared with a small committee of reviewers. Their collective feedback will be emailed to you after a short period of time.

Presenter benefits

Accepted presenters receive free admission to our in-person events. However, we offer our online events for free. You will continue to receive hordes of gratefulness and admiration. And, instead of swag, we will donate funds to a selected charity.

You will also receive access to a presenters-only WPCampus Slack channel for networking with other presenters, a backlink to your website, and an optional 20-minute Facebook live interview prior to the event.

Session formats

For this year's online conference, we are aiming to fill two tracks of content for the two day event. We are looking for the following formats. If you have an idea for a different format, please share as part of your application.

  • General lecture sessions
    • 45-minute lectures on various topics with 1-2 presenters
  • Panel discussions
    • 45-minute discussion on a specific topic with a facilitator and 2-3 panelists
  • Community discussions
    • 45-minute community/group discussions on a specific topic
    • The discussion is had among all in attendance and led by a facilitator.
  • Lightning talks
    • A 10-15 minute presentation for a quick overview of a specific topic
    • Our lightning talks are viewed by all attendees. We really enjoy this time together, sharing insights on various topics.

Session topics

Feel free to submit any and all session ideas and stories you have to share involving WordPress, accessibility, and higher education. We are interested in how-to sessions, case studies, conceptual discussions, best practices, and even works-in-progress. Tell us who should attend your session and why.

Need topic inspiration?

Visit the WPCampus Learning Library to explore sessions from previous events.

Requested information for your proposal

The following information required for your proposal. You may submit multiple proposals for different sessions but you must submit a different application for each proposal.

  • Name, email address, and biography (for up to 2 presenters)
  • Title of your session
  • Session description
  • Who do you feel is the best audience for your topic?
  • Up to 3 session categories
  • Technical level of your presentation
  • Preferred session format


When it comes to presenting, and preparing a proposal application, there is a lot to consider. We've gathered some resources we hope will be helpful for you if you're a new or veteran presenter.