Focus on projects that matter: use governance to free your team from endless sites

General lecture


At Washington University in St. Louis we had thousands of websites and a small team to manage them. Our heads were underwater and we saw no hope in sight. Smart leadership, best practices, and community focused decisions allowed us to put in place a system of governance. That governance allowed the team to deliver a solution for thousands of websites. It also freed them to focus on projects that mattered.

I'll share what I learned as we worked to climb out of a pit of never ending site creation.

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  • John Richards II

    Pronouns: he/him
    Developer Advocate, Pantheon

    John Richards is a Developer Advocate at Pantheon and lives in St. Louis with his wife and clowder of cats. His love for coding stems from his enjoyment in innovating simple solutions for complex challenges.He fell in love with open source in 2013 when he took a job developing WordPress...

  • Martin Yoakum

    Washington University in St. Louis

    Martin Yoakum is a web and email developer who brings his creative and programming background together to help organizations get their message out. He began his coding career in biotech research, and is now working in Public Affairs at Washington University in St Louis. He spends his days pushing for...