Get real: authentically reinforcing diversity, equity, and inclusion through your digital marketing

General lecture


When your institution commits to cultivating an inclusive, diverse community, your communications are both a critical window into your community and a tool to advance your DEI goals. Presenting authentic diversity and priorities around inclusion on the website may yield affinity and engagement among key audiences while demonstrating commitment to equity.

But to communicate sustainably and consistently about diversity, you need a framework for continually affirming relevant editorial choices — because people expect it, but also because it is the right thing to do. To succeed, your communications operation needs to be aligned, without demanding undue labor from under-represented persons.

In this session, I will share some important considerations and ways to build them into your content development and editorial processes. These include:

  • Establishing internal partnerships and executive authority to support DEI communications goals
  • Define content review and testing processes
  • Create editorial and visual style guides to effectively and appropriately guide the creation of text, photo, and video content
  • Incorporating accessibility considerations into your editorial process and standards
  • Reflecting DEI considerations within your information architecture

Session topics



  • Georgy Cohen

    Director of Digital Strategy, OHO Interactive

    Georgy Cohen has spent nearly 20 years wrangling digital content for universities and other organizations. As director of digital strategy at OHO, she partners with clients to create sustainable and impactful approaches to engaging website users and achieving organizational goals. Georgy has worked in or with higher ed since 2004,...