How to create design workshops for remote engagement

General lecture


In a post-COVID world, we've had to adapt many of our practices to accommodate remote work. Design workshops are no different — so how do we take that in-person energy and translate that into an engaging experience for our broad teams across academia? In this talk, Lea will walk you through how her team adapted many design exercises into one (fun!) online Design Alignment Workshop that will continue on even after a return to “normal.” She’ll showcase the online tools her team uses, plus share ways on how to keep your audience engaged. Receive crucial, thoughtful feedback that moves your project forward — all remotely!

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  • Lea Alcantara

    Visual Design Director, 10up

    Lea Alcantara leads a broad range of brand-building design projects from conception to launch — some of which have been recognized at the Webby's and The .net Awards. Her passion to educate led to writing for Adobe XD, Smashing Mag, .net Magazine, and A List Apart, in addition to stepping...