Lightning talks - Tuesday

Lightning talks


Lightning talks are short presentations designed to pique your interest on a topic. Talks will be back to back and not concurrent.


Introduction to Google's Core Web Vitals

  • Lightning talk
  • Erik Runyon Technical Director, University of Notre Dame

In 2020, Google announced that Core Web Vitals would become a ranking factor in their search algorithm. But what exactly are Core Web Vitals?

During this presentation, we will explore the basics of Google's Core Web Vitals.

Empowering accessibility in the era of online learning

  • Lightning talk

The global pandemic has pushed schools to shut down in-person interaction and adopt widespread online learning in order to support social distancing measures. The pandemic and subsequent push for remote learning have highlighted how a focus on digital accessibility is more important than ever. Online learning can empower students with disabilities and bring about opportunities that weren't available to them previously. For others, virtual learning can introduce an onslaught of new difficulties when the need for online learning grows faster than accessibility criteria can be implemented. It is important to tackle these challenges and bolster the benefits and lessons learned, even once the pandemic has passed.

Referencing data and research to highlight personal experiences, this session will communicate the benefits and challenges of virtual learning for students with disabilities. In addition, this session will examine how to better leverage the benefits and address the challenges.

Key Takeaways:

  • Currently, Elearning has presented some obstacles for students with disabilities and empowered others.
  • With the correct accessibility implementation, Elearning has the potential to provide even more opportunities to people with disabilities than ever before.

Onboarding tips for a student WordPress blog

  • Lightning talk

In this session, I'll share how I've successfully created an onboarding system to train new authors to write for the Art Department's student WordPress blog, In the early days of the blog when there were only 7 writing roles, I did all the training in person individually with each student. As the blog grew more complex over time, however, I’ve had to shift the way I train and onboard students so that it can happen autonomously without me as much as possible. Transitions in the onboarding process include creating documents and email templates, recording a series of training videos, developing a bank of reusable comments and feedback statements, and making charts to track role commitments. Join me to discover how I found the best solution for every need and had fun in the process.

Web accessibility smart testing

  • Lightning talk

Have you ever asked yourself how much testing is too much testing? In this talk, I'm going to share with everyone a few tips and tricks to make your web accessibility testing more efficient and comprehensive.



  • Erik Runyon

    Technical Director, University of Notre Dame

    Erik Runyon, Technical Director for Marketing Communications at the University of Notre Dame, has been developing websites for fun and profit since 1995, and joined the university in 2007. Erik enjoys chatting and writing about web standards, performance, and accessibility. Not necessarily in that order.

  • Annie Tudora

    User Research, Atlantic BT

    Annie Wade is a User Experience Researcher at Atlantic BT, a full service digital agency, where she guides clients towards usable designs. Her own experience with disability and inaccessibility has transformed into a passion for driving accessible interfaces. Annie received her Master's degree from Kent State University in User Experience...

  • Kim Casey

    Accessibility Operations Manager, Ablr

    Kim has over two decades of experience. She spent 19 years with Sendero Group, a company dedicated to finding accessible solutions for independent wayfinding. Kim has authored and participated on several federally funded grants totaling over $4 million since 2001 for the development of accessible wayfinding tools. Her previous...

  • Sue Jenkins

    Associate Professor, Marywood University

    Sue Jenkins is a fine art photographer, designer, illustrator, writer, and founder/creative director of, a full-service web and graphic design studio serving companies across the U.S. Sue worked as an Adobe Certified Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Illustrator software instructor at Noble Desktop in New York City for eight years. Sue...

  • Khaled Arnaout

    Web and Application Developer, Harvard University

    Khaled has been working in higher education for 5 years and is passionate about contributing to open source communities especially ones that have a meaningful impact on our community. In his professional and personal life he fights to create truly accessible digital spaces as well as to reduce our societal...