Lightning talks - Wednesday

Lightning talks


Lightning talks are short presentations designed to pique your interest on a topic. Talks will be back to back and not concurrent.


Procuring accessible software for e-learning: how ATAG can help

  • Lightning talk
  • Hidde de Vries Accessibility specialist, focused on accessibility of authoring tools (eg LMS), W3C
  • Joshue O'Connor

Web accessibility is easier when you do it earlier, and using tools that support accessibility is critical. This starts with purchasing decisions: which suppliers do you choose for accessible e-learning, plug-ins and integrations? How can you tell which tools will work? The W3C's ATAG standard has a number of useful recommendations to help distinguish between accessible and inaccessible tools. In this session, you'll learn more about applying this standard to increase accessibility across the board.

"That's Not How the For(m) Works!"

  • Lightning talk
  • Vicky Tosh-Morelli Digital Communications Specialist, University of Delaware, College of Engineering

We don't always have the tools or skills needed to achieve a website goal. In my case, while I understand custom post types and ACF, I've never had to build with it myself. I learned to build CPTs using Toolset Types & Views but when I started my new position at UD several of our sites were using Formidable Forms for faculty directories. Without the budget to purchase premium tools and the lack of time to learn ACF, I adapted to using Formidable Forms in some new ways.

This presentation will demonstrate how I created a basic directory and for an advanced event webpage. Both required using the same content in multiple ways and locations.

How to set up a basic student portal using WordPress

  • Lightning talk
  • John Lenehan Research and Development Lead, Digital Learning, Hibernia College

Hibernia College is a blended learning college that offers postgraduate teaching and nursing programmes in Ireland. Two years ago, the College undertook a review of its technology with a primary focus on what teaching and learning will look like in 5 to 10 years. An outcome of that process was the acceptance that we needed to improve the online experience for our students to keep pace with modern, big-budget web interfaces. We wanted to have more control over some of our websites and have less reliance on external development houses so that we could iterate our designs faster to keep up with the demanding needs of our students, faculty and staff.

Internal teams at the College have no dedicated developers, but do have a beginner-to-intermediate-level knowledge of WordPress. We decided to migrate our student portal from Drupal to WordPress. This presentation is focused on beginners-to-intermediate-level users of WordPress. It is an informative session describing our journey, the theme we used and selection process, how we designed our screens, the plugins we used, our integration with O365 for SSO and how we managed our custom code to build a private College portal website.

Beyond "99 Red Balloons" - A Pragmatic guide to alternative text

  • Lightning talk

We love to include images on our websites and digital assets. Images support and add context to our information and concepts. They can act as visual cues and help some users orient themselves on a page. Media, especially social media, include images for conversions; having images on posts leads to a higher clickthrough rate and ROI (return on investment).

Images can be simple and easy to add alternative text, but they can also be more complex like infographics, charts, or maps.

Let's take a nostalgic walk through some imagery from the 80s music scene and ensure our alt text conveys the information in a meaningful way for those who cannot access the images visually. From 99 Red Balloons shaking us all night long, to Burning Down the House we don't want to leave any of our users behind.



  • Hidde de Vries

    Accessibility specialist, focused on accessibility of authoring tools (eg LMS), W3C

    Hidde de Vries is an accessibility specialist at Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). He specialises in the accessibility of tools that create web content, including learning management systems, and works on various projects that aim to improve the overall accessibility of such tools.

  • Joshue O'Connor

  • Vicky Tosh-Morelli

    Digital Communications Specialist, University of Delaware, College of Engineering

    I'm the Digital Communications Specialist at the University of Delaware, College of Engineering. Prior to joining UD in 2019, I was web developer and social media specialist at a women-owned marketing company called Blue Blaze where I developed sites for non-profits and small businesses as well as creating social media...

  • John Lenehan

    Pronouns: he/him
    Research and Development Lead, Digital Learning, Hibernia College

    As Research and Development Lead, John collaborates with various teams across the college and with external partners to manage projects that solve problems that arise within an online educational context. The diversity of projects requires him to maintain a wide skillset in web development, services and project management.As Research and...

  • AmyJune Hineline

    Pronouns: She / her / hers
    QA Engineer and Community Ambassador, Kanopi Studios

    AmyJune Hineline is the Open Source Community Ambassador and QA Engineer at Kanopi Studios. With a dual focus on both open-source community development and inclusivity, she is uniquely positioned to help individuals become more comfortable and confident as they contribute to their communities. She co-organize various open-source camps and conventions...