Making Gutenberg viable with real world strategies

General lecture


The Gutenberg editor brings powerful editing and page-building tools to WordPress. If you need to build or maintain a site with multiple editors, hundreds of pages, and strict brand guidelines, that power brings as many problems as it does solutions. You need to create a web editing experience that empowers content contributors while also reducing the risk of inadvertently frustrating users, violating accessibility standards, and negatively impacting your brand.

Having worked through several Gutenberg implementations for higher ed, Jesse Janowiak has identified strategies that allow you to harness Gutenberg in a distributed content governance model. With increased community involvement, we can solve these challenges together and collectively benefit from all that Gutenberg has to offer.

In this presentation you'll learn:

  • Strategies to control what blocks are available, not just on a post-type by post-type basis, but page section by page section
  • Developer techniques for taking advantage of tools in Gutenberg
  • How to provide structure and consistency that work within brand guidelines

Session topics



  • Jesse Janowiak

    Web Developer, NewCity

    After he was hired to be a student web developer at Purdue University in 1999, Jesse figured he should probably learn how to make a web page. He checked out an educational VHS tape called “Learning HTML” from the public library, and 45 minutes later he was ready to start...