Managing microsite networks with Edupack and WordPress

Sponsored session


Universities spend an average of 2 months and $14k to launch a microsite. Once the microsite is launched, untold resources are devoted to maintaining countless bespoke systems.

In this session, we'll hear from Higher Ed pros about how they are managing microsites. We’ll also show you what we’ve been building (Edupack) and how it will solve the common headaches when managing lots of campus websites.

Key themes include Content and Brand Governance, Accessibility management, archiving stale sites, and managing self-service systems.



  • Blake Bertuccelli

    Co-Founder / CEO, Edupack

    Blake Bertuccelli is Co-Founder and CEO of Edupack. Before Edupack, Blake led digital projects for corporations, motion pictures, non-profits, universities, and government groups. A graduate of Tulane University, Blake is also Founder of a web development firm, Decubing Web Services, and of Lowling Company, a New Orleans-based creative agency.

  • Matt Lees

    Co-Founder / Chief Creative Officer, Edupack

    Matt Lees is Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Edupack. Alongside Edupack Matt is Co-Founder and Creative Director at SMILE. SMILE helps universities and colleges become more authentic, timely and personalised with a suite of creative services and digital products.

  • Nathan Monk

    Co-founder, CTO, Edupack

    Co-Founder at Edupack and SMILE.

    I'm proud to work for some of the world's most influential brands that shape cities and define lives: Universities and colleges.

    I provide advice to forward-thinking senior leaders on how to exceed their organisational targets by creating user-focused, digital-first strategies. I work on high profile websites with complex system integrations.