Overview of Full Site Editing

General lecture


At this point, it's likely that you've heard about full site editing but might still be wondering what it is, when it's coming, and how it might impact your organization. If that resonates, this session should prove to be helpful as it'll cover everything from the vision of full site editing, why it's being worked on, how it's being rolled out to allow people to adapt, and what you can do to both prepare and get involved in shaping the future of this collection of features. Bring your questions, get ready to share your insights, and help shape the future of WordPress.

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  • Anne McCarthy

    Developer Relations Wrangler, Automattic.com

    Anne (she/they) is a developer relations wrangler at Automattic focused on building great relationships with developers in the WordPress community. She is currently spearheading the Full Site Editing Outreach Program, which is dedicated to improving the FSE feature set through community feedback and involvement. She considers herself a minimalistic, optimistic,...