What I've learned from using Gutenberg

Panel discussion


Join panelists of this discussion as they explore and provide insight into their experiences with the "Gutenberg" block editor, the good and the bad results from adopting the editor, and the constructive lessons they've learned along the way.

Session topics


  • Brian DeConinck

    Pronouns: he/him

    Brian DeConinck is a web developer and digital accessibility specialist. From 2014 to 2021, he worked with the Design & Web Services team in NC State University's Office of Information Technology. He has participated in some form at every WPCampus conference since its inception.In 2018, he presented “GutenReady for the...

  • Amy Grace Wells

    Pronouns: she/her
    Senior Content Designer, 10up

    Amy Grace Wells loves messy, complex problems and the Oxford comma. She is a senior content designer at 10up and has been designing interfaces, building taxonomies, and finding content solutions since 2005 and an avid WordPress user for more than a decade.Amy Grace has worked with a variety of clients...

  • Jesse Janowiak

    Web Developer, NewCity

    After he was hired to be a student web developer at Purdue University in 1999, Jesse figured he should probably learn how to make a web page. He checked out an educational VHS tape called “Learning HTML” from the public library, and 45 minutes later he was ready to start...

  • Travis Cook

    Pronouns: he/him
    Web Developer, University of Missouri

    Trained counselor turned front-end web developer with several years of experience in higher education. Versed in WordPress development. Experienced in PHP, HTML, CSS/SCSS, JavaScript, and ReactJS. Excited by exploring cutting edge web technology that improves efficiency and provides a clean, yet enjoyable experience for users. Driven by the desire to...