We have published our sponsorship packages and would love to have you join our event as a sponsor.

Claim a WPCampus 2021 Online sponsor package

The joys of sponsorship

As a sponsor of the WPCampus 2021 Online conference, you will have access to a large number of higher education institutions from all over the globe.

Last year over 700 individuals registered for and attended our online conference. Support this conference and invest in the growth of higher education, web accessibility, and WordPress. Your support helps provide an affordable (free) experience for our members.

Who will be there?

Members of the higher education, accessibility, and WordPress communities from all over the globe. We welcome all faculty, staff, students, and professionals dedicated to accessibility and higher education.

Our sponsorship packages

You can also access our packages in a PDF format.

How to purchase a sponsorship package

If you would like to purchase a package

  1. Send an email to sponsors[at]wpcampus.org and let us know which package you wish to purchase
  2. Submit our sponsor application

Why the email and the form?

For packages that are limited (Doctoral and Graduate), spots are granted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Sending the email first grabs your spot and allows you to have more time to fill out the form. It also creates an email thread so we can begin communicating about the event.

More information about our packages

Sponsors may apply but will not be guaranteed speaking spots. Funds must be received before announcing sponsorships. Sponsors must honor all media deadlines.

WPCampus maintains a policy of not sharing contact information for its attendees unless explicitly granted by the attendee. Higher levels will receive attendee names, positions, and institutions. Sponsors will receive email addresses for attendees who opt-in during registration.

Contact us

WPCampus takes great pride in working with sponsors closely to ensure the best experience for everyone involved. Please share with us your questions, ideas, thoughts, and feedback at any time before and during the event. We are always available by email at sponsors[at]wpcampus.org.